Vintage Back Seamed Tights

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Great style is all about the features of an outfit. For a glamorous and feminine appearance, wear those sheer back seamed stockings that elongate the legs. Give any outfit a vintage pin-up appeal touch, elegant hosiery that never gets old. 15 deniers hosiery finish with black seam running down the back of the leg.

If we go back in time, nylon stockings for women first appeared in 1940, but the beginning of the Second World War blocked its development, the manufacturing sites being requisitioned. Stockings were made by sewing a piece of fabric together that made appear a back seam. During the war, women's colored their legs with tea to give an illusion of covered legs, they sometimes drew a seam with a pen.

Through time, women welcomed those classic tights to their wardrobe and made them a must-have to add to any outfit. Nowadays, back seamed tights are a part of fashion accessories. Many designs are inspired by this line on the leg: Including words, bows, polka dot, zipper, a cute cat and more...

Casual, and street style, pair them with your favorite pair of boots or sneakers. Fancy, classic retro glamour with a pair of heels. Timelessly sexy back seamed pantyhose is always a must in all women drawers. Available in all sizes for all ladies.

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