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Socks and Stay Up Malka Chic


Super cute sock with a cat detail over the knee, perfect gift for fashion and cat lovers.

Wear our fashion and casual Women's long striped socks: Over the Knee High Socks Black with the rainbow colors, red, white black and pink.

Cover your legs with those super cute long solid black or white Tube socks.

Find our Christmas winter cotton patterned socks with renders snowflakes in a variety of colors. Fun, flirty, and festive our Snowflake over-the-knee socks will give you plenty of Christmas cheer! Perfect gift for her!

When it comes to colder weather, to keep your legs warm, you will be much more comfortable if you pick up a pair of over the knee women's socks. Wear them on solid tights or with a skirt and sneakers.
These extra-long socks extend over the knee makes them perfect to pair with dresses, skirts, or shorts as the weather gets colder. Pair your new Over The Knee High Socks with boots over tights.

Check out our Women's Fashion & Trendy Socks collection in a vast selection of styles.

Add to your wardrobe Women's Casual ankle socks with cute details, lace, frill, pearls, and glittery sheer. Try our beautiful black sheer ankle socks with a sparkly trim, elegant and comfortable.

​Dress your tootsies in net and lace with our ankle and knee-high socks.

Wear our jeweled cotton socks embellished with cute pearls. Get your hands on these beautiful glitter ankle socks light pink or blue with pearl and frill detail. Cover your feet with our oversized Fishnet Net Short Socks, breathable and fashionable.

Easy to wear! They are perfect for wearing under trousers or with cute shoes. Those cute Socks for Women will become your favorite wardrobe piece! You can wear sneakers, heels, or sandals to bring a cute and fun touch to every look.

These socks also make perfect gifts!

Check out our photo gallery to discover some looks!

Our Long Socks For Women Malka Chic
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