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Our full footed striped tights collection Malka Chic

Discover Your Striped Style at Malka Chic

Shine Bright in Malka Chic's Must-Have Striped Tights

Be comfortable and stylish with this Women Full Footed line, fun and funky horizontal stripes running down your legs to rock your look! ​Create a one-of-a-kind outfit and express yourself through colors. The perfect accent to color your legs! Tights in a variety of bright colors that are a must-have for adding a splash of color to outfits. Available in several trendy colors. With a denier of 40, those pantyhose are considered opaque.

Perfect for any occasion, from casual style to cosplay, they make the perfect accessory to add peps to any outfit or to complete any costumes. From Bee costume, Beetle-juice, Gothic look, Halloween accessory to rock your look, have fun with this colorful collection, and play with colors.

Check out our full footed striped pantyhose collection and remix your dressing, to update any look from shorts to skirts. Layer these tights under your favorite ripped jeans to keep you warm. Wear them with some heels, boots, or sneakers. Choose the neon colors striped footless tights, step up your look while still showing off your toes.

White Striped Tights Optical Illusion Picture

You want to wear comfortable clothing to compete and practice your favorite sport? Check out this bright and striking two colors striped collection to accessories your team costume!

Many of us like to wear matching outfits with our team. Make your Roller Derby team outfit unique wearing stripes, fishnet stockings, high socks, printed and bright colors. For skating, thick, tall socks are best, and wear colored tights to rock your look! If you wear comfortable sports shorts to allow comfortable leg movement, high socks are perfect for helping to prevent scrapes on your skins. Always wear tights under shorts for bouts to save from rink rash.

We offer a wide variety of awesome cotton socks and full footed and footless tights to express your personality.

The Fashion stripes full footed and footless from Malka Chic are available in women’s one size (2-12 pants size). Check the size chart for measurements.​

Striped tights can add a bold, graphic element to an outfit and are often worn for both fashion and function, as they can help to keep the legs warm in cooler weather. Striped tights can be worn with a variety of different outfits, such as dresses, skirts, or skirts, and are available in a range of colors and widths of stripes.

Striped tights can be worn for a variety of occasions, depending on the style and formality of the event and the outfit. Here are a few ideas for when to wear striped tights:

Pink Striped Tights Malka Chic Street Art Photoshoot
  1. Casual events: Striped tights can be a fun and playful addition to a casual outfit, such as a dress or skirt paired with boots or sneakers.

  2. Work events: Depending on the dress code and style of the event, striped tights can add a professional touch to a skirt or dress suit for work.

  3. Parties: Striped tights can add a festive touch to a party outfit, such as a holiday-themed dress or skirt.

  4. Performances: Striped tights can be worn as part of a costume or performance outfit, such as for a dance or theater performance.

  5. Special occasions: Striped tights can be a stylish and unique addition to a formal outfit, such as a wedding or black tie event.

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