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About Tights Malka Chic

Shop your favorite tights at Malka Chic!

Originally from Paris with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Malka Chic is in the US-based in Chicago since 2017.

We offer an extensive collection of colorful, chic, and comfortable tights to wear for all seasons, all events.


Our tights and socks are Made in Italy and embellished in the UK. All printed hosiery is produced by hand, and this process results in a unique pair each time. We are always innovating and constantly bringing new high-quality products to all our customers around the world.

​Malka Chic is a contemporary brand.  We provide a large range of designs for various events throughout the year.  Our tights range from small to large sizes catering to all women.  Among our large collection of designer tights, you will find the right styles or the right themes that cater to your customers' needs.

Patterned tights can be worn for both fashion and function, as they can add a pop of color or interest to an outfit and also help to keep the legs warm in cooler weather. They are often worn with dresses, skirts, or skirts to add a fun or trendy touch to an outfit.

Tights Malka Chic at One of a Kind Chicago
Malka Chic Booth at One of a Kind Chicago

Do you have a Store? We do wholesale - Get Discount Prices

​​You can get started easily with no minimum order. We offer the standard option to select 3 tights/ 3 colors/ 3 sizes and create a display in your store.  We also provide flexibility for our customers to customize as needed.

We do have a fast turnaround and shipping.

We do have stock in Chicago.

​We provide Web-ready images for your e-shop.

Support Fair Trade with our tights Made in Italy.

​Create your line, we offer Custom! We are here to be your partner.  We love to collaborate on new ideas and designs with imagination and creativity.  There are no limits to what our partnership will bring! Start creating from scratch, send us your artwork, photo, or logo to begin your design. Need a little advice or a second pair of eyes? Our Custom Creations team is on hand and excited to share their skills. A minimum quantity of 150 pairs being required, mix sizes.

We do work with socks shops, fashion boutiques, gift shops, shoe stores, Spa, Hairdressers, and art galleries.

Be Chic and Eco-Friendly: The Environment Matters at Malka Chic

We believe that it is our responsibility to produce not to hurt the environment.

Our tights are manufactured in Italy in accredited audited factories, printed, embellished, and packed in our UK Factory Sedex accredited and all of our merchandise comes from Oeke-Tex certified factories.

All of our packaging is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Eco friendly Tights Collection Malka Chic

We use heat transfer printing with digital transfer paper to print our tights. The process of transferring the digital image to the piece of hosiery is completely manual. This gives a completely unique product each time.

  1. Stretch the tights over cardboard or metal flat legs, keeping the toes in line and assuring there are no creases.

  2. Heat the machine to a precise heat and set the pressure as needed. That will prevent the graphic from transferring correctly.

  3. Lay a sheet of print paper; with the graphic side facing up, on the lower bed of the heat press.

  4. Place the tights (now on legs) on the print paper.

  5. Place a second piece of print paper (graphic-side down) on top of the tights.

  6. Lower the top bed down and lock it into place.

  7. The heat and pressure transfer the graphics to the tights.

  8. Tights are removed and allowed to cool.

How we print our Tights Collection Malka Chic
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