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Footless Tights: All colors, all patterns

​​Footless tights, a great way to add flair to your summer wardrobe.

How to wear our bright solid color footless tights available in plus size Malka Chic
Solid color footless tights available in plus size Malka Chic

Wearing sneakers and tights isn’t a common pairing, but looks a step up from the casual and simple shorts and sport shoes.. No matter where you are traveling this summer, beach or rainforest, tights are a perfect accommodation for any outfit and add some sugar and spice to your life. Your outfit immediately looks more put together and thought through if you simply throw on a pair of comfortable and snug tights. Finally, the obvious must be stated, tights are just a great go to option if you’ve forgotten to shave your legs. Why bother with leggings?

Browse our collection and find all our designs and colors that are waiting for you: floral footless tights, Leopard print tights, Plaid tights, Goth style, stripes, polka dots, street art, comics, colored, eccentric and eclectic. Printed tights are the easiest way to express yourself, be as daring as you want, and showcase your funky side. Be yourself and pick up the tights you love.

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