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Plus Size Tights Perfect for Every Occasion

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Plus size printed tights for women Malka Chic

Everyone is unique, and so are their bodies.

Oftentimes, people dressing in plus sizes have a hard time finding cute and sustainable accessories that fit their style and demand. Options are often limited, and therefore many items of clothing are only available in smaller sizes. The controversial rise of “one size fits all” periodically demonstrates this and thus makes it difficult for plus size wearers to find accessories or clothing pieces in general.

Tights are a must-have essential for any wardrobe. To have a simple and durable pair of black tights on hand makes life so much easier. Malka Chic offers a wide variety of color tights plus size, with more than 50 % of their products going up to 5XL sizes.

Malka Chic has a unique print collection in the US with all colors up to XL-XXL sizes, and as most of the tights are somewhat stretchy, they accommodate body sizes over that as well. With this collection, everybody has the opportunity to find simple and basic tights or more fun, bright and colorful pairs that will spice up any outfit

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