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Discover our Animals collection for women. A combination of fashion, classic, and timeless lines. Trendy and chic, find a variety of styles in our allover print opaque pantyhose. Pantyhose are the most popular women accessories that women use in daily life for all occasions, all seasons.

A fashionable statement with our animal print tights: snake pattern, zebra, giraffe, flamingo, or leopard tights. A collection for modern women who appreciate urban-chic style. Add a wild touch and stylish element to your outfit with these animal printed tights available in a variety of colors. ​A perfect fashion accessory to rock your look and make it unique. Born to be wild? You will love our snakeskin pattern tights and bug print.

If you are a cat person or know someone, find a funny touch for a cat's lover with our Climbing Cat tights.

Our Animal Print can be the perfect accessory to add to your costume for a party! Browse our wide selection to match with your clothes. Complete the look with our range of designs and styles. Have fun, and stay warm and fashionable!


A new way to rock your legs! Check out and explore our new beautiful women's tights collection, the latest pattern trends for women. Add to your wardrobe your personality and creativity, have the most perfect hosiery to embrace the trend, everyone will look and admire your fabulous leg look!​

You will find the tights you need to complete any kind of look: A vintage-inspired look with our back seamed stockings, casual style with our street art pattern, fancy with our Rhinestone pantyhose, perfect for workwear with our solid patterned Criss Cross tights.

Has a piece of artwork, our designs will bring light and shapes into your life. Reveal your personality and make your legs the center of attention. Complete and accessory our look by adding and other layers with patterned tights.


Tired of wearing opaque black? Check out all our colored tights! You can play with your tights color and have fun making it match your look, makeup, or earrings. If you like to use pattern or color, play with your appearance and make your outfit one of a kind.

Has a piece of artwork, our designs will bring light and shapes into your life. Reveal your personality and make your legs the center of attention. Complete and accessory our look by adding and other layers with patterned tights.


All colors, from black to neon colors: All colors have meanings grouped into two main groups commonly known as warm and cool colors. Colors have an impact on your mood and are also a way to express yourself. They define different feelings, seasons, and celebrations.

Visit our store and browse our collection inspired by Street art and Graffiti. Travel wearing our tights to some cities as Paris, Chicago, London, and New York.

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Shop your favorite tights at Malka Chic!

Discover our large range of prints and colors, including custom designs. With tights sized for all women, the full footed tights and footless tights come in floral, comic designs, striped, graphic, sexy, fake tattoos, and all colors to accessorize your outfit.


Originally from Paris with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Malka Chic is now in the US and based in Chicago. We offer an extensive collection of colorful, chic, and comfortable tights to wear for all seasons, all events.

Our tights and socks are Made in Italy and embellished in the UK. All printed hosiery is produced by hand, and this process results in a unique pair each time.

Do you need more than one? You do have a store? We do have stock in Chicago for you. Our customer service will be happy to help you.


​Is it a special day? We do love to celebrate specific days through all the year.

Is Halloween around the corner? We do a large range of patterns perfect to accessory your costume: Spider webs, witches, skull & bones, pumpkins, fake tattoo tights, and more!

Valentine's day? Is Mother's day soon? Offer flowers to cover their legs.

All over the years, we celebrate someone we love. Our tights are the perfect gift! Cats lovers? Fashion addict? Musician? Find all patterns that will match her personality.

Is the Chicago river green for Saint Patrick's day? Wear green tights to celebrate this special Irish day.

Christmas time is coming? If you are looking for a gift idea, you found the right place! If you want to wear a Christmassy outfit, check our Christmas line!

You would like to send a gift to someone for a special occasion? Far from the eyes doesn't mean far from the heart. Light Easy to ship, the perfect items to surprise.

A fancy party around the corner? Wear patterned tights is so festive and chic! Bring light to your outfit adding a glittery touch wearing our sparkly and shiny pantyhose, all eyes will be on you!

The floral pattern is an elegant colorful and modern theme. it matches the colorful and fresh vibes of the four seasons. From the vintage color palette to neon colors, perfect to express yourself and be creative.

Find endless possibilities to complete your outfit, classic, casual, or eccentric. Suitable for most occasions, timeless and trendy! Add colorful floral pantyhose to your wardrobe for four seasons, add a standout accessory to your closet. It can be in addition to a classic look to add some color, wear it over a formal look for a work dinner. Especially when it comes to fashion, play with the colors and patterns to color your life through your outfit. Floral is always in style!​

Be comfortable and stylish with this Women Full Footed line, fun and funky horizontal stripes running down your legs to rock your look! ​Create a one-of-a-kind outfit and express yourself through colors. The perfect accent to color your legs! Tights in a variety of bright colors that are a must-have for adding a splash of color to outfits. Available in several trendy colors. With a denier of 40, those pantyhose are considered opaque.
Perfect for any occasion, from casual style to cosplay, they make the perfect accessory to add peps to any outfit or to complete any costumes. From Bee costume, Beetle-juice, Gothic look, Halloween accessory to rock your look, have fun with this colorful collection, and play with colors.
Check out our full footed striped pantyhose collection and remix your dressing, to update any look from shorts to skirts. Layer these tights under your favorite ripped jeans to keep you warm. Wear them with some heels, boots, or sneakers. Choose the neon colors striped footless tights, step up your look while still showing off your toes.
The Fashion stripes full footed and footless from Malka Chic are available in women’s one size (2-12 pants size). Check the size chart for measurements.​


You want to wear comfortable clothing to compete and practice your favorite sport? Check out this bright and striking two colors striped collection to accessories your team costume! Many of us like to wear matching outfits with our team. Make your Roller Derby team outfit unique wearing stripes, fishnet stockings, high socks, printed and bright colors. For skating, thick, tall socks are best, and wear colored tights to rock your look! If you wear comfortable sports shorts to allow comfortable leg movement, high socks are perfect for helping to prevent scrapes on your skins.

Always wear tights under shorts for bouts to save from rink rash. There are a wide variety of awesome cotton socks and full footed and footless tights to express your personality.
These high quality, durable, breathable, and comfortable tights are made in Italy and printed in the United Kingdom. Made of Nylon, Malka Chic tights provide comfort, wearability, and designs that are all the rage. A stretchy elastic waist adds to the comfort.

Available in size S/M only. See sizing chart.