A classic plaid pattern tights is the best way to look Chic, always on-trend, a timeless style to add to all wardrobes. Plaid or Tartan is generally used to describe a pattern consisting of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.

Associated with Scotland and United Kingdom history from 16th and 19th centuries and associated with either regions, districts, or Scottish family outfits, the tartan pattern (Plaid) is ​not limited to textiles and is nowadays a part of fashion patterns. It is a look no longer confined to kilt or Family colors, the Plaid pattern became timeless and trendy. In the fashion world, Tartan is a constant, these patterns somehow will never go out of style. It is a wardrobe must-have for most fashionistas.


There are many ways to wear plaid: It can be in addition to a classic look to add some color, wear it over a formal look for a work dinner. Give the look a more classic feel.
Essential accessory for punk fashion, in all colors.


Casual plaid styles with a touch of modernity, under ripped jeans or with a leather skirt.

A Christmas color touch with the Holiday Plaid Tights, a combination of Christmas spirit and a winter look.

Wearing tartan with tartan for a retro vintage look, have fun, and play with different patterns from the same family.

If you are used to wearing legging, check out our plaid decorations printed footless tights, pair them up with shorts, skirts, dresses, or sweater dress. Perfect under your favorite ripped jeans, it can look bright and eye-catchy. There are not many patterns that can compete with tartans! A timeless classy for the elegant and handsome pups. ​Trends come and go, but Plaid is forever. Pick your favorite Tights with patterns to layer your outfits.